Thornloe Cheese Company: Food Icon of Northern Ontario

The only artisanal company in Canada with as wide a range of cheese products.

Thornloe Cheese Company has been an anchor in the agricultural region of Temiskaming (land of lakes, rocks, trees and cheese) since 1940. The region is the deepest rift valley in eastern Canada and lends itself to high-quality dairy, beef, and cash crop production.

The only artisanal company in Canada with as wide a range of cheese products, Thornloe’s cheeses range from blues to bloomy rinds, cheddars to curd, Italian asiago to Tex-Mex shred. Their mission is to produce cheese for a diverse, ethnic Canada while staying true to their heritage practices.

Thornloe Cheese believes that being a truly great artisanal cheese company is founded on three principles: sourcing local ingredients, employing made-by-hand methods, and paying tribute to your community and landscape. This tribute shines in Thornloe’s Devil’s Rock blue cheese; the cheese mimics the popular tourist rock overlooking Lake Temiskaming. The cheese is hand-pressed into pyramids, let to age, then dipped in black wax to replicate the area’s Canadian Shield.

Every conscientious food producer, chef and home cook knows the end result of the dish will only be as good as the quality of the ingredients going into the recipe. At its source, the milk used at Thornloe is high quality because of a unique diet of barley, grass and silage. Many say the cheese tastes as fresh as the Northern air!


Thornloe Cheese logo
Article provided by Thornloe Cheese Co.

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