Top 5 Burger Condiments

Upgrade your burger items with these slight variations to the most popular condiment.

The leading burger condiment on Canadian menus is mayonnaise:


Source: MenuMonitor, Technomic.

Caesar is a relatively close second, and mustard, relish and BBQ sauce are almost equally the third most-popular condiment on menus. (Ketchup came in sixth at 2.3%.)

Listed 239 times on Canadian burger menu items, mayonnaise is a great condiment to be used as a base that can be easily flavoured with just a few ingredients to create spiced-up sauces that complement burgers and sandwiches.

Use these 10 ingredients as inspiration to create a unique, signature mayonnaise sauce:


A squirt of sriracha offers a less intense (but just as flavourful) variation to the popular hot sauce.


Powdered wasabi adds a great kick. (Wasabi paste works, too).

Roasted garlic

Is there anything better than fragrant, caramelized, roasted garlic? Mix with mayonnaise and use on a burger or as a dip for that side of fries.


The best of both worlds!


Spicy, pungent chili paste, harissa is a hot sauce variation made from crushed spices, herbs and olive oil. Added to mayonnaise it’s a deliciously creamy, spicy combination.

Citrus Juice

Choose between lemon or lime, whichever suits your burger recipe.


Capers and mayonnaise make for a versatile version of tartar sauce that complements more than just seafood.

Dry spices

Flavour opportunities are endless with spice combinations. Use curry, herbs de provence, smoked paprika, or even coarsely ground pepper.


Mix canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce with mayonnaise to create a distinctly spicy and smoky sauce.


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