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Flanagan Food News_Capitalizing on Fall Harvest

Capitalizing on Fall Harvest

Summer yields fresh, delicious produce, but it's fall that gets people thinking about new menus at their favourite restaurant.

Celebrating Food Day Canada: Interview with Anita Stewart

As founder of the nation’s food celebration “Food Day Canada,” Anita Stewart is dedicated to promoting Canadian ingredients from coast to coast to coast.

The Tea vs. Coffee Debate

5 ways to educate your customers on the health benefits of drinking tea.

Top Pasta Proteins and Sauces

Chicken tops the list of proteins used in pasta dishes on Canadian menus.

Pizza: A Fresh Perspective

Food trends come and go; pizza remains. They are made in restaurants and at home. They are comfort foods that are versatile and can be surprisingly healthy too. They service all dayparts in a variety of restaurants.

The Secret is in the Sauce

What’s in a sauce? Perhaps a lot, even though there may be few ingredients. There are hundreds of sauce variations, but each strives to make the dish taste better.

Grille & Galley Gourmet

Grille & Galley is Flanagan’s brand of fresh, superior quality meat and seafood. In more technical terms, it is “a fresh portioned protein program.”

Fresh Look at an Old Favourite

If there is one particular food item that spans generations and cuts across culinary styles, it must be the hamburger.