Category: Marketing Your Restaurant

Our Ontario: Local Food

It's not a trend - local is here to stay.

Breakfast Sales Boost

With a bit of thought and planning, this first meal of the day can be relatively easy and convenient to make – and appetizingly profitable at the cash register to boot.

What to Serve When Love is in the Air

Guests expect something special - not only compared to what they regularly eat at home, but compared to what they’d normally eat at a restaurant.

Host the Super Bowl Party of the Year

The Super Bowl and food go together like, well, Tom Brady launching one to Michael Floyd. The big game is arguably the largest single sporting event on the planet.

Menu Design

The best way to promote your restaurant and your raison d'etre - the food that you serve to your customers - is the promotional document they hold in their hands each time they visit you: your menu.

Menu Engineering

Though some restaurants sell art, sauces and clothes, most foodservice operators only sell the items listed on their menu, making menu space very valuable 'real estate'.