Category: Maximize Profits

Supersize Your Guest Cheques

The value of effective upselling (with sincerity) is a healthier bottom line.

10 Tips for a Successful Patio Season

Whether you have a full patio or just a strip of sidewalk, turn your outdoor space into a revenue-generator.

8 Reasons to Attend the Flanagan Food Show

Flanagan's annual Food Show has thousands of products from over two hundred National Brand vendors, great deals, and fresh ideas - all in one place.

Feast Your Eyes

The old saying that you only have a few seconds to make a positive first impression is never more important than when your customers walk into your restaurant and are greeted as their dining experience begins. But what about at the end of the meal?

Going Green is Good for Business

Going green can be one of the smartest operational decisions you can make for your restaurant. It not only draws environmentally-conscious customers, but saves money in the long run.

Breakfast Sales Boost

With a bit of thought and planning, this first meal of the day can be relatively easy and convenient to make – and appetizingly profitable at the cash register to boot.

What to Serve When Love is in the Air

Guests expect something special - not only compared to what they regularly eat at home, but compared to what they’d normally eat at a restaurant.

Menu Design

The best way to promote your restaurant and your raison d'etre - the food that you serve to your customers - is the promotional document they hold in their hands each time they visit you: your menu.

The Pop-In Take-Out

In an increasingly time starved, drive-thru society, time really is of the essence - and perhaps especially so in tougher economic climates when many people are watching their pennies closely.

Catering to Kids

With families becoming more sophisticated about food and dining - and wanting both fun and nutrition - restaurants that take care of the kids can benefit.