Category: Menu Makeover

Menu Engineering: Winning with Local

Use effective menu engineering to highlight Ontario local items on your menu.

Top 5 Burger Condiments

Upgrade your burger items with these slight variations to the most popular condiment.

Our Ontario: Local Food

It's not a trend - local is here to stay.

Pizza: A Fresh Perspective

Food trends come and go; pizza remains. They are made in restaurants and at home. They are comfort foods that are versatile and can be surprisingly healthy too. They service all dayparts in a variety of restaurants.

Breakfast Sales Boost

With a bit of thought and planning, this first meal of the day can be relatively easy and convenient to make – and appetizingly profitable at the cash register to boot.

The Pop-In Take-Out

In an increasingly time starved, drive-thru society, time really is of the essence - and perhaps especially so in tougher economic climates when many people are watching their pennies closely.

Menu Engineering

Though some restaurants sell art, sauces and clothes, most foodservice operators only sell the items listed on their menu, making menu space very valuable 'real estate'.

Grille & Galley Gourmet

Grille & Galley is Flanagan’s brand of fresh, superior quality meat and seafood. In more technical terms, it is “a fresh portioned protein program.”