Fall Flavours

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Oct 25, 2018 10:05:00 AM

With fall brings the feeling of new beginnings and fresh starts. The shift from warm to cool innately inspires dishes of comfort and depth. While flavour preferences and trends may not vary much from the summer months, main ingredients and their applications are a whole lot heartier.

Jumbo ricotta ravioli complements rich garlic shrimp, Parmesan, chives, and basil as a shareable appetizer. Braised pork shoulder sandwich with apple cider and orange gravy incorporates bright citrus flavour while being autumn-appropriate. For a Canadian-inspired fall dessert, feature blueberry bread pudding with vanilla custard, vanilla gelato and maple syrup.

These are the fastest-growing flavours this fall season, by mealpart, to inspire your own signature fall flavour:


Blue Cheese 29.2%
Lime 29.2%
Celery 27.1%
Basil 26.0%
Dill 26.0%
Sesame 25.0%
Avocado 22.9%
Cream Cheese 22.9%
Cajun 21.9%
Goat Cheese 21.9%



Dill 29.2%
Citrus 26.0%
Peppercorn 25.0%
Sriracha 21.9%
Mango 20.8%
Grape 20.8%
Beet 17.7%
Rose 17.7%
Coconut 16.7%
Brie 14.6%



Crème Brulée 19.6%
Espresso 14.1%
Salted Caramel 13.0%
Toffee 12.0%
Vanilla Bean 10.9%
Buttery 7.6%
Ginger 6.5%
Mocha 6.5%
Butterscotch 5.4%
Blackberry 5.4%


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Caesar 10.4%
Passion Fruit 7.3%
Pomegranate 7.3%
Blackberry 6.3%
Cherry 5.2%
Grenadine 5.2%
Citrus 5.2%
Sweet 5.2%
Cucumber 4.2%



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