Flanagan Team Build Days at Habitat for Humanity

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on May 24, 2018 10:20:00 AM
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For the second year in a row, Flanagan employees have volunteered their time (and muscles!) at the Kehl Street build in Kitchener as part of our partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

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We participated in a Team Build Day; a unique opportunity for corporations and community groups to share the experience of participating in a Habitat for Humanity build.

Each year, there have been members of our Senior Leadership Team, finance, traffic, warehouse, operations, marketing, purchasing and sales present. (Habitat was impressed with our numbers and our ever-present Flanagan enthusiasm!)

About Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that helps families in need build houses. They have a presence all over the world, and volunteers help to build affordable houses which are then sold to residents of their community with an interest-free mortgage as a means to break the cycle of poverty.

Flanagan Build Days

Each year, the team’s day starts at 8:15 with a morning orientation and safety training. Everyone is divided into teams and assigned to various tasks throughout the site. Team Leads (a consistent volunteer) lead each crew with their task at hand, which included framing, foundation, painting, and installing trim, to name a few.

Each group put in a lot of hard work and elbow grease to accomplish our tasks, and we kept nourished with a 10:30 am snack buffet consisting of fruits, pastries, porridge, bagels, spreads, and beverages. It really was an incredible selection of food, and would give any continental breakfast buffet a run for its money! After a ½ hour morning break we were back hard at work at our respective jobs. Habitat for Humanity understands that for many of the volunteers this will be hard work that many won’t be used to, so they make sure to keep everyone well fed and hydrated throughout the day. Lunchtime food offerings were as plentiful and delicious as the morning snack!

Habitat for Humanity2bThis Kehl Street build will be the largest project to date in our region that Habitat for Humanity has built.

Once completed, it will provide homes for 45 families. The date for completion and full occupancy is 2021. Currently there are already some families living in some of the completed units.

Overall, Team Build Days are great days, and everyone who participated in the event expressed great satisfaction with being able to help with such an initiative and would volunteer again!

Habitat for Humanity 2017

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