Menu Engineering

Though some restaurants sell art, sauces and clothes, most foodservice operators only sell the items listed on their menu, making menu space very valuable 'real estate'.

Setting the Table

All that glitters may not be gold, but it could be shiny coins in the bank when restaurateurs focus on getting their tables bright and sparkling with tableware and glassware that suits their restaurant and its clientele.

Sodium and Gluten: Hot Topics for the Foodservice Industry and Consumer

Dietary sodium and gluten are hot topics these days. We are dealing with excess sodium in our food supply added mainly due to the manufacturing process and foodservice recipes.

Succeeding in Tough Times

Flanagan's industry veterans offer recession-busting advice to succeed in tough economic times.

Grille & Galley Gourmet

Grille & Galley is Flanagan’s brand of fresh, superior quality meat and seafood. In more technical terms, it is “a fresh portioned protein program.”

Fresh Look at an Old Favourite

If there is one particular food item that spans generations and cuts across culinary styles, it must be the hamburger.