Let's Talk Turkey

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Dec 11, 2018 12:02:00 PM

It’s no surprise that the three most popular turkey items on Canadian menus are wraps, club sandwiches and burgers.

Although these favourite dishes are enjoyed by many, why not surprise your guests with a festive turkey dish that embraces the heartiness of the holiday season. 

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How to Make Limited Time Offers Work For You

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Aug 17, 2018 2:24:33 PM

Menu change can be daunting.

But using LTOs (limited time offers) can provide a culinary playground for adding innovation without the commitment. Successfully executing an LTO offers a potential sales lift of as much as 20%, and can bring back old customers while enticing new ones.

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All Fired Up: This Summer's Hot Grill Trends

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Jul 9, 2018 9:46:30 AM

There’s nothing like cooking over live fire to really ignite the taste buds, says RockWood Urban Grill corporate chef Lloyd Frank. “It brings out the natural flavours of anything you put on that broiler. We choose triple-A steaks, fresh salmon, and top quality ingredients,and when you throw them on that fire, it’s amazing what it does.”

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Cooking with Asparagus

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on May 16, 2018 12:05:00 PM

Along with maple syrup, fiddle heads and rhubarb, asparagus is a harbinger of spring, a clarion that the winter is behind us and fresh produce is ready to roll out consistently. There aren’t many chefs – or restaurant patrons who really care about good food – who don’t look forward to asparagus season. 

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Beets: The New Beloved Root Vegetable

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Feb 2, 2018 10:36:00 AM

This year, chefs are reinventing the earthy root vegetable and helping beet haters face their phobia and reap the rewards.

Beets are a powerhouse full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like folate, vitamin C, calcium, iron and magnesium. By introducing beets in new ways, you can tap into one of this year’s hippest and healthiest foods.

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Gift Cards Should Be Top of Your Wish List

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Nov 29, 2017 11:30:05 AM

If it is in fact true that it is better to give than receive, then gift cards must be at the top
of a restaurateur’s wish list.

These simple plastic cards could be an important marketing tool – and revenue generator – at this busiest of commercial periods on the calendar.

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Recipe: Ontario Turkey and Mushroom Pot Pie

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Nov 2, 2017 9:45:02 AM

Tasty, lean Ontario turkey combined with local mushrooms and fragrant thyme. Create a seasonal menu item that is made unique by its fresh Ontario ingredients.

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Recipe: Ontario Peameal and Potato Chowder

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Sep 28, 2017 9:30:13 AM

Cool weather calls for comfort food. Pair this chowder with warm, crusty bread for a hearty starter or entrée.

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Capitalizing on Fall Harvest

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Sep 22, 2017 10:00:25 AM

The summer yields a good bounty of fresh and delicious produce that everyone loves.

And yet, it is fall that seems to get people excited and thinking about their favourite restaurants for great new menus and time spent there with friends and family.

But while the fall harvest is a tremendous offering to restaurant kitchens, the versatility of the produce is too often overlooked, according to Jackie Oakes, Marketing Manager at Flanagan Foodservice.

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10 Tips for a Successful Patio Season

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on May 9, 2017 11:50:49 AM

1. Keep it clean (including the furniture)

2. Seating: have enough, and make it comfortable

Not only should seating be comfortable, it should be durable. Consider stackable chairs if space is an issue. Furniture can be brightened up with some cushions or small pillows.

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