Recipe: Ribeye with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Arugula

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on May 1, 2018 3:37:00 PM

A beautifully aged steak is marinated with fresh herbs, good-quality olive oil and garlic, then seared to perfection before serving. For the ultimate in indulgence and sophistication, it’s served with a rich, velvety sauce.

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Our Favourite New Products from the 2018 Food Show

Posted by Jackie Oakes on Apr 27, 2018 10:07:00 AM

Each year our spring trade shows aim to inspire guests with exciting menu suggestions, new cooking techniques and more. Walking the show floor this year, I was truly inspired by all the products and presentations. Truly outstanding!

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Recipe: Butternut Squash Soup with Ontario Hot Sauce

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Feb 16, 2018 9:00:00 AM

The sweet, nutty taste of butternut squash is enhanced with a drizzle of Ontario hot sauce (made using locally grown roasted red peppers, garlic, lime juice, herbs, spices and a hot pepper blend) for a vegetarian dish of simple, flavourful ingredients. 

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Recipe: Grilled Tenderloin Crostini with Pickled Onions and Horseradish Cream

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Feb 11, 2018 12:41:00 PM

Tender slices of grilled steak are complemented with tangy pickled onions, a tart cream sauce, peppery arugula and pungent blue cheese to create a two-bite hors d’oeuvre offering that’s perfect any time of year.

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Beets: The New Beloved Root Vegetable

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Feb 2, 2018 10:36:00 AM

This year, chefs are reinventing the earthy root vegetable and helping beet haters face their phobia and reap the rewards.

Beets are a powerhouse full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like folate, vitamin C, calcium, iron and magnesium. By introducing beets in new ways, you can tap into one of this year’s hippest and healthiest foods.

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Topics: Get Seasonal, Ingredient Spotlight, Ontario

Recipe: Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Jan 18, 2018 3:03:47 PM

Gluten Free Pizza Crust

In 2017, "gluten free pizza" ws the fourth most-searched gluten-related query on Google (after "gluten free bread," "recipes," and "flour").

Appeal to your gluten-sensitive guests with this flavourful, crunchy canvas for your customers' favourite pizza sauces and toppings.

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Martin's Family Fruit Farm: Flanagan's Exclusive Apple Supplier

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Jan 12, 2018 3:03:00 PM

In October, Flanagan Foodservice, along with its sister company Roseland Produce, embarked on a new partnership of joint procurement that will see Martin’s Family Fruit Farm become its exclusive apple supplier. It’s part of an effort to continue to build Flanagan’s local food foundation and at the same time help meet an increasing demand for local apples.

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Frape & Sons Boutique Bitters

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Dec 7, 2017 1:51:10 PM

Nestled just one hour north of Toronto in Newmarket, Ontario, is a unique food business that is one of the newest additions to the Flanagan Market.

What makes Frape and Sons unique is that, to owner Justin Frape’s knowledge, it is the only excise-exempt craft distillery in Canada. The distillery dedicatedly produces craft cocktail bitters for domestic and international markets.

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Recipe: Seared Striploin with Whiskey-Sage Compound Butter and Caper Berries

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Nov 13, 2017 2:35:01 PM

With whiskey, maple and mustard, this Canadian take on a classic showcases the great flavours of Ontario beef.

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Recipe: Ontario Turkey and Mushroom Pot Pie

Posted by Flanagan Foodservice on Nov 2, 2017 9:45:02 AM

Tasty, lean Ontario turkey combined with local mushrooms and fragrant thyme. Create a seasonal menu item that is made unique by its fresh Ontario ingredients.

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